Top Five Benefits of Cardio

Why Do So Many People Dread Cardio?

Cardio exercise is an extremely important part of your fitness routine no matter how much you may dislike doing it. At one point or another we all dread doing our cardio. Maybe because we are tired or because we simply can’t stand the sight of a treadmill? Unfortunately cardio is a very important part of being fit and healthy and doing cardio has the following five benefits.

Burns fat and calories.

Cardio is the best way to burn fat and calories. Trying to lose weight? Doing cardio for longer periods of time and decreasing the amount of calories you consume should give the results you are looking for. Exercising may even increase your metabolism, helping you to lose more weight no matter what you are doing.

It increases bone mass.

Exercise, especially cardio, can increase bone mass and prevent osteoporosis. Women and people over the age of 60 can benefit from cardio. Because this group is more subject to brittle bones.

Tones your body.

Cardio not only burns fat but it tones your muscles. Regular exercise such as running or swimming will show results in as little time as a few weeks. Your muscles will have more definition and because of the amount of fat it burns you will not only feel a difference, you will actually be able to see it.

Strengthens your heart & lungs.

Cardio exercise is any type of exercise that works your heart and lungs. With working out these important organs you will also benefit from improved blood cholesterol levels, improved heart function, and greater endurance.

Relieves stress.

Exercise is one of the best forms of stress and anxiety relief. When you are exercising the body releases feel good chemicals which can last for hours afterwards. You will also start feeling better about yourself after exercising regularly.

To get started on a regular cardio exercise program try to ease into it with short jogs, trying out the elliptical machine at the gym, or joining a class such as spin class or aerobics.

Trick Your Body Into Shape With Cardio

Pushing yourself to reach your fitness goals requires not only motivation but the right kind of training program.  To tone up, burn fat and look your best, many people rely on cross training. Cross training is working out different parts for your body instead of doing the same exercise multiple times. You cannot expect to reach your fitness goals if you do the same workout time and time again.

Cross Training

Cross training is simply keeping your body guessing. If you continuously do the same types of exercises over and over again you will not see the noticeable results that you want. In fact, your body is so smart that it starts to adapt to the workouts if you repeat them too many times.

Although it may feel as if you are getting in better shape because the workouts are easier, in fact your body is not working as hard as you need it to be to get results. To begin a cross training regimen you have to develop an effective workout for each part of your body and then alternate the days on which you do them. For example if you go to the gym and do forty five minutes of cardio such as running on the treadmill or training on the elliptical machine, the next day you should do only twenty minutes of cardio combined with a total upper body weight training series.

This could be followed by a combination of cardio and a lower body weight training workout the next time you work out. Not only does this keep your body challenged but it will keep you from getting bored from doing the same old workout day after day. The body is so resiliant that it can actually adjust itself to the workouts that you do if done repetatively. Cross training is a simply way to trick your body into always being challenged and will ensure that you get a total body workout.

Outdoor Workouts

Not one for going to the gym and prefer being active outdoors? You can still develop a fitness program which works for you although it may be slightly more challenging. You can alternate running, hiking, walking, swimming, and other activities depending on the climate in which you live. When it comes to outdoor activities it is a little harder to get in a good upper body workout. Outdoor bootcamps are a great way for the outdoorsy type to get a full body workout as you would in the gym but still enjoy the outdooors.