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Primo Labz™ offers 4 powerful bodybuilding supplements. Muscle building supplements designed to offer an athlete very specific results. Whether you are a professional or recreational bodybuilder, Primo Labz bodybuilding supplements are powerful enough to get you the results you need, when you need them !

Primo Labz™ weight lifting supplements are available as weight gain pills, fat burning pills, muscle building supplements, and testosterone boosters.

Dianabolic™, also called “D-boll”, is a powerful muscle building supplement. Dianabolic™ legal steroid weight gain pills designed ultimate mass gainer. Commonly used as the primary bulker in any bulk cycle. Users report rapid workout recovery, increased muscle pumps, higher workout intensity, and weight gains from 12-20 lbs. in just 30 days.  Each bottle contains 100 capsules.

  • Classification: Bulking Supplement – Weight Gain Pills
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Androdrol™, also called “Droll” is a potent strength gaining supplement that delivers it’s results through its testosterone manipulation process. We all know that testosterone, main factor in building muscle and burning fat, and DROLL delivers a potent dose. Users report increased aggression, increased sex drive, astonishing strength gains. Also reporting faster recovery, fat loss, and mild weight gain from an increase in lean muscle mass. Each bottle contains 100 tablets.

  • Classification: Strength Promotion – Testosterone
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Dekkatest™, also called “Deca” is an awesome “bridge compound” designed to help maintain and increase muscle mass mass during super strenuous training. This powerful muscle grower is non-methylated, meaning it is is safe on the liver and kidneys.  Deca, best used in a stack, but it can be used alone for mild to moderate improvements in lean muscle mass and strength. Furthermore, each bottle of “Deca” contains 30 capsules.

  • Classification: Workout Supplement – Recovery
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 Bodybuilding Supplements Fat Burner

Trendrolic™, is the most powerful preworkout fat burning anabolic in existence. While this muscle building supplement that will deliver you Abs as fast as 2 weeks ! This fat burner rips and shreds fast. Bodybuilding supplement, so powerful it will have you stronger on your first workout !  If you have to use 1 product to completely transform your physique, than this is that product. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

  • Classification: Thermogenic – Fat Burner
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